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Masonry industry leader provides robust project estimating application
November 7, 2007

Holt, Michigan - Davenport Masonry, Inc., has officially launched its new web-based project estimating tool for the masonry and construction industries. The masonry leader began developing the system earlier this summer, working with local web design firm, Dreamscape Multimedia, to deliver the final product. The web application allows users to submit answers to key questions regarding their masonry project and receive an estimated price based on the quality and quantity of the information provided.

"There are one or two other sites out there that are attempting something similar, but we haven't found anyone providing masonry numbers that have this much thought behind them," states Greig Carnevale, Davenport Masonry, Inc., estimator. "This tool allows you to calculate the type of wall, the material used, and the dimensions for each wall. We ask questions about the project location, job conditions, air barriers, engineering. Most importantly, we ask for suggestions for improvement so we're able to keep this effort expanding and evolving to meet people's needs.

The estimating tool is entirely web-based, accessible on the Internet through any popular browser, such as Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox, which means there is no additional software a user needs to install. Once the details about their project have been submitted, the user is presented with a summary of their results and emailed a copy for their records. Additionally, the users may return to the system at a later date at add more details or to begin a new project under their own personal profile.

"We are excited to be bringing this product to the construction industry," states Ed Davenport, president of Davenport Masonry, Inc. "We have always invested in advancing the work we do and our greatest hope for this tool is for it to become a key resource to contractors, suppliers and design professionals."

The estimating tool is free to the public and may be found at www.davenportmasonry.com, by selecting "Price Your Project" from the menu. For more information about Davenport Masonry, Inc., visit www.davenportmasonry.com, call (517) 699-4279.

About Davenport Masonry
As one of the largest commercial masonry contractors in Michigan, Davenport Masonry, Inc., is not limited by project, scope, budget or location, having the ability to staff up or down to accommodate specific requirements. With annual sales up to $30 million, Davenport Masonry, Inc., is large enough to deliver outstanding overall results yet small enough to care about even the smallest detail. Davenport Masonry, Inc., understands their clients' projects are their livelihood, and therefore takes client work as seriously as their own. Davenport Masonry, Inc., owner, Ed Davenport, was recently recognized by Masonry Construction magazine as Leader of The Year for the masonry industry.

About Dreamscape Multimedia
Dreamscape Multimedia is a full service marketing communications clearinghouse specializing in web design, web development, and green web hosting. Dreamscape Multimedia assists companies to establish and promote a strategic web presence based on sound marketing principles geared to drive qualified website traffic. In 2007, Dreamscape Multimedia launched the Prosperity program, paying its resellers 50 percent on all web hosting business contracted through referral. The company was recently recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for its investment in renewable energy.