Our Testimonials

In their own words....

Project: Kohl's Retail Store (Dort & Saginaw)
Location: Grand Blanc, Michigan
Assignment: Brick & Block work.
Customer: Willson Builders, General Contractor


"Thanks for the two sweat shirts and the gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. I gave one of the sweat shirts to Kevin Skotynsky (a PM in our office that works on Kohl’s new stores) and I kept the other one. The gifts are by no means necessary for me to say good things about Davenport Masonry, Inc. As compared to 30-40 other masons that have completed masonry subcontracts on the Kohl’s stores (that I have been involved in as a PM); Davenport would rank as probably the "best". Davenport has never been a problem with items that seem to be reoccurring problems with the majority of the other masons in the industry such as: quality of work, schedule, layout, safety, and financial strength. As Willson Builders, Inc. subcontracts 100% of our work on a Kohl’s store, it is companies like Davenport that makes the difference, so we are all winners. Being one of the "best" means that, if your bid is close to the low bidder; Construction Managers can generally convince the owner: Davenport is the right answer."

~Mike Keller, Project Manager, Willson Builders, Inc.


Project: Sisters, Services of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Motherhouse
Location: Monroe, Michigan
Assignment: Renovate and restore the historic residence.
Customer: The Christman Company, General Contractor

"Christman is very impressed by the performance of your masonry crew…Their attention to detail and understanding of the philosophy this project is proceeding under is outstanding…"

~Lynn Rogian, Project Manager, The Christman Company

Project: Three Fires Middle School
Location: Howell, Michigan
Assignment: Speed-of-light brick and block work to complete the project on time after the original mason contractor was terminated after falling behind schedule.
Customer: Howell Public Schools

"Things have been going exceptionally well. We made the right choice (over switching masonry companies) and we're back on schedule."

~Rick Terres, Associate Superintendent of Finances, Howell Schools

Project: Consumers Energy Jackson Post Office
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Assignment: Restore the 20,000-square-foot building adjoining the new 11-story Consumers Energy Headquarters to National Park Service guidelines.
Customer: Consumers Energy

"Davenport's expertise in stone restoration is apparent in the quality workmanship on our completed project. On many occasions, when unforeseen conditions arose, the owner and architect looked to Davenport for their recommendation which typically maintained the historical integrity of the stone without jeopardizing the project budget."

~Mike Kissane, Project Manager, Granger Construction Co.

"I look forward to being able to work together on this project or another one in the near future. I got your information. I REALLY like your "Best Practices Manual." I love that you have clear pictures showing problems and solutions. It seems like a great resource to keep your foreman and crews on track. I am going to talk to Tim and look at putting together a similar BP Manual for us to use with our own QA/QC program."

~Paul Bergsma, Director of Pre-Construction Services,
Pioneer Construction, Inc.

"Dear Ed,
I want to personally thank you for your continued patronage with The Belden Brick Company, Belden Brick Sales Company and Belden Brick & Supply. Your support on our behalf has not gone unnoticed. I also want to thank you for the outstanding effort you give on a daily basis to the masonry industry. The number of quality mason contractors, unfortunately, is on the decline in our industry. It is always a pleasure to work with the likes of Davenport Masonry whose leadership posture reflects the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as we at Belden have strived for since 1885."

"We appreciate the cohesive long standing association with your company and look forward to continuing this relationship. If you have any need to contact me directly, please feel free to do so."

~John C. Belden, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
The Belden Brick Company

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been working with your organization on the Four Winds Casino and Hotel project. Thanks to the efforts and the dedication of your team, we were able to deliver an absolutely breathtaking product, on time and under budget."

"We appreciate your trust in buying into the initial plan we crafted, and we are grateful for the contributions and expertise that you provided along the way. We certainly recognize the sacrifices made by all of the trades to guarantee our success, but I would be remiss if I did not specifically acknowledge the leadership efforts of Jim Hall and Mark Beers."

"I also need to express my gratitude toward Kyle Lochonic who diligently worked with us to manage the ongoing changes that were encountered throughout the project. Keeping the crews informed about the potential and required changes was essential to maintaining our progress and efficiency."

"I am proud of our efforts and I hope the experience was as rewarding for you. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

"Thanks for making this such a success."

~Daniel P. Rooney, Senior Project Manager
Christman / Kraus-Anderson, A Joint Venture

"Mr. Davenport,
I’m writing this letter concerning the Sullivan, IN project. My name is Alva E Helton Jr and I’m the BAC Local 4 IN/KY State Apprentice Instructor for the Terre Haute and Evansville Chapters. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the way your foremen have run the Sullivan job. They are very professional and treat the apprentices very well. There have at times five apprentices on the job and your foremen have made sure they all got wall time as well as showing them the prints and giving them every opportunity to learn. I’ve been in this trade for 34 years and it has changed a lot through the years; with our wages where they are, you hear so much of just get it in the wall. Your foremen not only care about the production—which is important—but they also care about quality and they have passed this along to our apprentices. Don Locker, Eric Fraim and Mike Ward are—in my book—top notch foremen and you should be proud of the way they conduct themselves and the way they run a job. The Terre Haute apprentices are looking forward to your return this fall for the Union Hospital job. If you ever need anything concerning the apprentices or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me."

~Alva E Helton Jr, State Instructor