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Ferris Wheel

Location: Flint, MI

The Ferris Wheel in Flint, MI was built in 1926, the building had been home to retail stores, including Ferris Brothers Furs, from which it retains its name.  The building fell into disrepair when, in 2013, it was brought back to life and purchased by Skypoint Ventures.  According to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation this business incubator drew on “diverse funding sources while consolidating efforts to build Flint’s entrepreneurial community, (The) Ferris Wheel Innovation Hub/100K Ideas has been named as one of the top six most impactful economic development projects in the country”.  Davenport Masonry & Restoration was proud to have partnered with Siwek Construction to bring this piece of Flint’s history back to life.

Sparrow Hospital

Location: Lansing, MI

This project was a 450,000 SF 11-story addition to Sparrow Hospital.  We encountered logistical issues as the hospital needed to remain operational, the site was on a busy street, pedestrian and vehicle traffic could not be impeded by scaffolding, and there was no site.  To resolve these issues Davenport Masonry engineered a cantilevered scaffolding system that allowed the scaffolding towers to be placed up off the ground so that pedestrian and vehicle traffic could flow normally. 

Luke M. Powers High School

Location: Flint, MI

This was a unique project that involved masonry restoration and renovations to the former 68,000 SF Michigan School for the Deaf building along with a new 90,000 SF addition to create the new Luke M. Powers Catholic High School.

NCAA Headquarters

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Another award-winning project by Davenport Masonry. For this 143,000 SF expansion to the NCAA Headquarters Davenport Masonry furnished and installed a Terra Cotta Rain-Screen system, Granite Rain- Screen system, Terra Cotta Baguette Widow Sunshade System along with an integrated Decorative Aluminum Channel system. Davenport Masonry designed a system that allowed the granite and aluminum channel to use the same grid attachment system as the Terra Cotta Rain-Screen to help reduce cost, shorten schedule and maintain a continuous insulation and air vapor barrier system.