Build Yourself a Better Future

Luke M. Powers High School

Location: Flint, MI

This was a unique project that involved masonry restoration and renovations to the former 68,000 SF Michigan School for the Deaf building along with a new 90,000 SF addition to create the new Luke M. Powers Catholic High School.

Ferris Wheel

Location: Flint, MI

Sparrow Hospital

Location: Lansing, MI

This project was a 450,000 SF 11-story addition to Sparrow Hospital.  We encountered logistical issues as the hospital needed to remain operational, the site was on a busy street, pedestrian and vehicle traffic could not be impeded by scaffolding, and there was no site.  To resolve these issues Davenport Masonry engineered a cantilevered scaffolding system that allowed the scaffolding towers to be placed up off the ground so that pedestrian and vehicle traffic could flow normally. 

NCAA Headquarters

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Another award-winning project by Davenport Masonry. For this 143,000 SF expansion to the NCAA Headquarters Davenport Masonry furnished and installed a Terra Cotta Rain-Screen system, Granite Rain- Screen system, Terra Cotta Baguette Widow Sunshade System along with an integrated Decorative Aluminum Channel system. Davenport Masonry designed a system that allowed the granite and aluminum channel to use the same grid attachment system as the Terra Cotta Rain-Screen to help reduce cost, shorten schedule and maintain a continuous insulation and air vapor barrier system.