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We’re the right one to use for all the right reasons. ANYWHERE.

Large enough to serve you with quality work completed on time, within budget and with maximum safety. A self-motivated, customer-oriented team dedicated to your satisfaction. Innovative and creative, always exploring new processes. Always quality equipment, tools, materials, and service.

Our Mission

We will work hard to provide value for…

Our customers.

Our employees.

The masonry industry.

We will work with our customers in a spirit of cooperation for the best interest of the project. We will provide creative solutions to help the project proceed. We will commit our expertise to constructing functional buildings within budget on time, safely, with a “zero punch list.”

We will maintain a supportive environment that provides employees that feeling of ownership, opportunity, security and comfort. We will provide and encourage opportunities for professional growth.

We will promote and uphold the high standards of workmanship, quality and pride expected of our profession and industry.

We will do everything in our power to make this happen. In doing so, we will realize a fair profit.

Your foreman was outstanding! I look forward to calling on Davenport Masonry for future projects.
Andrew Rener, Barton Malow

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