Why Work for Davenport?

Davenport Masonry & Restoration is a powerhouse in the industry.  We are known for our craftsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and efficiency.  Our success can be contributed to the strength of our team.  From the office to the field, we are focused on putting safety first while building the best projects with the best people and the best equipment. Our foremen have an average of 19 years in the trade – they’re knowledgeable, efficient, and focused on helping you succeed.

We are committed to “always getting better” and are one of the few masonry contractors who have successfully implemented a Quality Improvement Process.  We proactively encourage employee participation and reward our team for those ideas through our Best Practice Suggestion Program. We focus on doing things right the first time and with a Zero Punchlist outcome.  Whether you want to learn the trade or showcase your skill set there’s no better company to work for.