At Davenport Masonry & Restoration our safety directives strive to deliver a safe project while meeting our customers’ expectations.  We support our field operations by staffing our projects with a trained work force – using the best safety methods available.

Core Safety Values

At Davenport Masonry & Restoration our safety culture is defined by ownership as they will not compromise the wellbeing of our team.  Every member of the team understands that they must remain vigilant to keep everyone safe and is empowered to stop work when an unsafe work condition is observed.


Your safety is our priority.  Prior to starting your position, we will review the Davenport Accident & Prevention Program and issue Personal Protective Equipment including fall protection.  We will also provide training on Wall Bracing, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Scaffolding and any other safety skills as required by the job assignment. Supervisors receive additional safety training along with OSHA 30-hour training.  Some positions require additional certification(s) or proof of certification(s). 

Outline of new Employee Training

  • Orientation
  • M.U.S.T. certified
  • First Aid & CPRScaffold training
    • User for everyone
    • Erector for foremen & erectors
      • Frame Scaffold
      • Hydraulic Platform Scaffold
      • Crank-up Scaffold
  • Competent rigger training
  • Competent crane signaler
  • Fall protection training
    • When and what to do for fall protection
    • How to wear and inspect a harness
  • Aerial lift training
    • General training
  • Hazard communication training
    • SDS
    • Chrome VI
    • Silica
  • Medical evaluations
    • Physical
    • Hearing, Silica, Chrome VI baseline (as required)
    • Pulmonary function test
      • Fit test for respirator (as required)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) trained and issued
    • Ear & Eye Protection
    • Respirator training (as required)